David Blundy

We get out of the car to look around and there's another group of journalists there doing the same thing. One of those journalists is David Blundy, a British reporter working for The Sunday Correspondent newspaper of London.

A single shot rings out and Blundy, who was standing in the middle of the intersection, collapses. Then there's a couple bursts of gunfire and it's over. Everybody in the intersection hits the pavement and, if possible, gets behind anything that offers cover. Arturo, a couple of colleagues, a Salvadoran civilian and I move up to Blundy.

"Get me out of here," was the last thing I heard David say as we carried him to a nearby vehicle and rush him to a hospital in a van commandeered by a group of Spanish journalists who had arrived on the scene. 

David did not survive his wound, a single shot to the rib cage.

From The New York Times.


  1. New York Times article on David Blundy Killing >

  2. Gentile Letter to Scotland Yard describing Blundy killing >

  3. Letter from Scotland Yard to British Embassy in Washington >
    This two-page document, dated 7 June 1990, offers guidelines for Gentile interview on Blundy killing. The letter was from Detective Inspector Robert WEBSTER, and directed to Mr. Andrew POCOCK of the British Embassy. The interview was conducted in Washington, DC.

    Document sent via facsimile on 10 July 1990 from The British Embassy in Washington to me as a "cover letter" for an article in The Times of London headlined, "Reporter shot by government troops inquest is told." The article was published 3 July 1990 and details my testimony about the killing during a video interview.

From The Times of London.

Cornell Lagrouw

A jersey given to me by a wall-eyed peasant woman in the aftermath of the killing of Cornel Lagrouw.

It now rests in a closet in my Washington, DC, home. I've never worn it, but I cannot discard it, as that might bring bad luck. The number on that jersey is 44 – my lucky number.

"Kill the Messenger"

NOTE: This video contains graphic, violent footage. Please use viewer discretion.